At the end of the day no matter how I try to believe in Hazel Grace, I still end up agreeing with Augustus Waters. That the point of our existence is to touch other people’s lives.. to leave something good that’s worth remembering for.. to have a mark on people’s lives.

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Like a boss. (y)

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Came up with this short story. I just wish I won’t be experiencing this hell. 

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My new alarm clock, Toby.

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Who would have thought that this view is taken from the city’s public beach.

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Nothing compares to the friends from freshmen years.

Lunch date with Noname family!

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Class picture of Software Engineering II class. Will be really missing these people, especially our instructor! 

Ugh, 26 more days to go.

Photo by Stephen Suico

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Sunday with Mitch

Waited for this since last year. I never have thought that this would really happen until today. My first book signing experience and it’s with The Mitch Albom!

I’m in awe as he tells us the stories behind his book. The story of his college professor, Morrie had me teary-eyed. And knowing that his mother died 2 months after he gave his book, For One More Day, to her made me realize that now is the right time to do something, not later, not tomorrow and definitely not someday. 

Best hug

1 hour of standing for registration is surely worth it! 

I had the chance to hug, talk and shake his hand. I was star-struck when I was finally with him in the stage, that I can’t think straight and all I’ve said was “Thank you so much for inspiring me.” I forgot all I’ve planned to tell him. Best hug ever and he smells good!


He is so kind

I was so sad when I read in the flyers that customized signatures are not allowed. I just really want him to write my name with his signature. Because for me it would be more personal and special.

And then I had this brilliant idea of putting a note with a request. At first I doubt if he’ll actually right my name. But when I opened the book, there it is. my precious name written by Mitch Albom himself. It was the best moment ever. This made me like him even more. He’s very kind that he actually did my request. 


This is such a big deal for me, knowing that all other books he’d signed today has only his signature.  haha!

Still in Cloud 9

It was just a 5 minute interaction with Mitch Albom but it will be treasured forever. I felt motivated again to live life to the fullest and cherish each moment with my loved ones. He truly inspired me through his books and  I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience of meeting the man behind Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You’ll Meet in Heaven, For One More Day, Have a Little Faith, and Time Keeper. 


I still can’t get over with “To Shanice”. I’m still in cloud 9.

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